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Research & Developement

At SNAP DISCOVERY, continuous research and development are at the core of our vision. We firmly believe that innovative solutions and technological breakthroughs have the potential to change the world. Our dedicated research team consists of highly qualified experts who are always eager to explore new frontiers and develop groundbreaking solutions using AI technologies.

System of neurons

State of research in BCI

The focus of our development lies in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our team is working on developing a revolutionary AI software that can control technical systems through the power of thoughts when combined with an EEG headset. Currently, the existing AI software is being further developed, the amplifier has already been created, the EEG headset is in development, and a first prototype is scheduled to be tested in a real-world environment in the near future.


Testing various settings in the laboratory

Early achievements

Real-time control

of a game


Planning a prototype for field testing

Explore the components of our BCI-System

Our powerful AI software has been specifically developed to harness the unique ability of the brain to control technology. By employing state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques, our software is capable of deriving precise information from brain signals. With our AI software, users will be able to control various applications in the future, including games, devices, robotics, and much more, simply through their thoughts and intentions. Through seamless integration of brain-computer interfaces, we enable an intuitive and immersive interaction between humans and machines.


Currently, we are enthusiastically working on developing a prototype of an EEG headset for SNAP Discovery AG. The EEG headset allows for non-invasive capture of brain activity, forming the foundation for our visionary idea of controlling a game solely through brain-computer interface. The headset is comprised of high-quality sensors that enable precise and reliable measurements of brain activity.


We are proud to inform you that the amplifier, which is part of our system, has already been completed. This amplifier plays a crucial role in signal processing and enables seamless communication between the EEG headset and our AI software. With its state-of-the-art technology, the amplifier ensures reliable and precise capture of brain activity.

Our subsidary SNAP GmbH

SNAP GmbH is our subsidiary and responsible for the distribution of our AI products and services. On the website of SNAP GmbH, you will find detailed information about our products, their features, technical specifications, and much more.


Classification of various material types, completeness verification, object recognition, location and orientation detection. SNAP offers comprehensive AI-based inspection systems (OBAIS)


By effective machine control, costs can be reduced, and processes can be made more efficient. SNAP offers a solution for automated optimization of machine control.

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