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Controlling with thoughts - we make it possible at SNAP DISCOVERY



SNAP DISCOVERY AG was incorporated as a joint-stock company in May 2023. Our primary focus is on researching and developing cutting-edge AI methods for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technologies. With our dedicated team of experts from diverse disciplines, we strive to create advanced solutions that empower individuals to control technical systems directly through their brains. Our research and development activities are centered around the development of state-of-the-art AI algorithms and techniques, enabling precise and effective communication between the human brain and technical devices. By combining insights from neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions for various application domains. Welcome to SNAP DISCOVERY, where we connect the power of human thought to machines

Automation machine

Areas of Developement

At SNAP DISCOVERY, continuous research and development are at the heart of our vision. We firmly believe that innovative solutions and technological breakthroughs have the power to transform the world. Our dedicated research team consists of highly qualified experts who are constantly pushing boundaries and developing pioneering solutions using AI technologies. Our research areas encompass:


Our Leadership Team

Breaking Barriers:

Empowering Women in the AI Technology
Dr. Corinna Weber


Dr. Corinna Weber

Sinah Dittmann


Sinah Dittmann

Our entire team consists of highly qualified experts who possess outstanding skills in their respective fields. We have expertise in areas such as data science, mathematics, neuroscience, computer science, electrical engineering, sensing technology, HR, and sales.

With our collective expertise, we can execute projects with precision, speed, and quality. Each member brings unique competencies and complements one another perfectly, allowing us to deliver impactful results. Together with SNAP GmbH and our competent network, we are capable of translating our passion for technology into impressive outcomes.

Logo der SNAP Discovery AG
Logo der SNAP GmbH

Our Mission

„Everybody deserves a better life and our mission is to facilitate it by bringing knowledge-based, AI-enhanced, and
human-centered technologies to the forefront of industry and healthcare. We at SNAP DISCOVERY are the technology lever for ourpartners, making them more effective, innovative, and sustainable through
data driven solutions.“

Contact us

Gesundheitscampus-Süd 17, 44801 Bochum, Germany

Due to a technical issue, we are currently unavailable via phone. However, you can still reach us through our contact form and directly via email. We are actively working to resolve this matter and ensure that you can reach us by phone for initial contact in the future.

Thank you for sending us a message!​

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